My Deadbolt

My Deadbolt
Deadbolt, Axial Beadlocks, Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 1.9" Rock Crawler Tires (G8 compound)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1:10 Roof Luggage Rack with LED Light Bar

Found  this up the other day on Amazon.
It's not intended for the Deadbolt but it works and looks great. I removed the original lightbar from the Deadbolt and tossed it aside. I couldn't use the supplied nuts to mount it because there is no roof to mount it on! Instead I used some black zip-ties and strapped it to the cage in a few locations.
It seems to be very solid. I've already rolled the truck over several times (one serious tumble, tumble, roll, bounce) and it's not bent or anything. I really like it.

1:10  Roof Luggage Rack with LED Light Bar 

One thing I'm going to do is disassemble it and paint the inside of the light buckets with a shiny silver. I want to also figure out a way to black out the back of the lights buckets. The LED's shine out the back just a little and I don't like it, it's not very scale looking like that. Check it out on Amazon

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